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7 Tips To Use Pika Labs

In previous article we listed 10 helpful tips which you can use to apply your creativity when using Pika Labs Discord bot. In this piece we continue this guide and list 7 Tips To Use Pika Labs.

Tip-1: How to describe prompts correctly

If animating an image, pretend you are talking to a human artist and telling him or her want you want to be animated. Don’t describe the image, they can see it. instead say things like “the hair blows in the wind” or “the bike falls against the tree” or “the girl turns pages in the book she is reading.” and make very sure that what you are describing for animation is something that can be done in 3 seconds.

If the girl doesn’t have a book, for example, the Pika Labs AI isn’t likely to give her one. And if an angel is sitting at a desk writing in your image, and your prompt is “make the angel fly” or “the angel is flying” the AI can’t do that – the angel is sitting. It’s wings could flap, it could lean forward, it’s not going to suddenly be in the air flying.

Tip-2: Using motions in prompts

Some types of motion are easier for the Pika Labs AI than others. Take an hour or two, and just experiment with text to video. Leave the images out. See how the AI reacts to prompts such as “hair blowing in the wind” “a man walking” “a wheel rolling down the street”. Stick to short prompts with JUST a subject and the description of an action for that subject to take. Make note of the ones that seem easiest for the AI to understand, and then find images that go with those prompts and try animating those images.

Tip-3: Using a start image in your prompts

If using a start image, don’t describe the image in your prompt. describe what you want it to do. Example – if you uploaded an image of a black and white puppy, don’t say “a black and white puppy runs around” just say “the puppy runs around” OR “the puppy is running around” – the AI knows what the puppy looks like.

Tip-4: Use Camera movements parameters

When using Camera Parameters be free to try the following camera movements:

  • Extreme Wide Shot (ELS)
    Long Shot (LS) / Wide Shot (WS)
    Full Shot (FS)
    Medium Long Shot (MLS) / Medium Wide Shot (MWS)
    Cowboy Shot
    Medium Shot (MS)
    Medium Close Up (MCU)
    Close Up (CU)
    Extreme Close Up (ECU)
    Establishing Shot
  • Rack Focus / Focus Pull
    Shallow Focus
    Deep Focus
    Soft Focus
    Split Diopter
  • Eye Level Shot
    Low Angle Shot
    High Angle Shot
    Hip Level Shot
    Knee Level Shot
    Ground Level Shot
    Shoulder-Level Shot
    Dutch Angle Shot
    Birds-Eye-View Shot / Overhead Shot
    Aerial Shot / Helicopter Shot
    Worms eye view
  • Static / Fixed Shot
    Dolly Shot
    Zoom Shot
    Dolly Zoom Shot
    Pan Shot
    Tilt Shot
    Whip Pan Shot
    Whip Tilt Shot
    Tracking Shot
    Crab Shot
    Arc Shot
  • Sticks / Tripod
    Slider Shot
    Handheld Shot
    Steadicam Shot
    Gimbal Shot
    Crane Shot
    Jib Shot
    Drone Shot
    Wire Shot

Tip-5: Using celebrity names in your prompts

Take the name of a famous, well-know person. Stick the name legolas in between the first and last names – like this keanu legolas reeves OR elon legalas musk OR emma legolas watson. Add some something for the subject to be doing such as walking through the forest, making a campfire, talking to a squirrel, etc. use -motion 4 and -gs 20. Don’t use a start image.

Tip-6: Instructional prompts

Pika Labs Discord Bot cannot use instructional prompts. If you are going to animate an image, do NOT say “make it move” “animate this” “make me a movie”, and things like those.

Use specific prompts that tell the Pika AI how to animate. Use prompts like “her left hand clenches into a fist” “he nods his head and “the car rolls down the street”. Remember, you are only making 3-second clips, and you cannot prompt it for more than that; it won’t work. Don’t give the Pika AI animation instructions that can’t be carried out in 3 seconds.

Tip-7: Generating long videos

To make a video that is longer than 3 seconds, follow these steps:

  1. Download the video. Look for the long number at the end of the filename; that’s your seed. Write that down.
  2. Run the video through https://finalframe.net/ to get the last frame. Save that.
  3. Start a new creation, use the frame you just saved as the start image, put in your prompt, and include the -seed switch. Specify the seed number from the first generation.
  4. Repeat with each clip until the clip is as long as you want.
  5. Edit the clips together in a video editor such as OpenShot.

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