Pika Labs animate Command

Pika Labs /animate Command

Pika Labs introduced a new command: /animate. You can now add an image to your prompt in Pika first to tell the PikaBot to start your video with the image. You don’t need to type a prompt, just attach your image and press send/enter.


How to use /animate command on PC:

  1. Type /animate and attach the image you’d like to use.
  2. You can drag and drop an image or copy and paste or click to add an image from your computer.
  3. Add a prompt: Press [Tab] x 3 if you want to add prompt words or parameters (optional)


How to use /animate command on mobile:

  1. Type /animate and attach the image you’d like to use.
  2. This will open your camera roll for you to select an image.
  3. Tap your image to select and it will be added to your prompt.
  4. Add a prompt: Simply tap the [Prompt] button above your chatbox if you would like to add prompt words or parameters (optional)

/create command STILL WORKS

You can still type a prompt first and then add an image using
/create if you prefer
(see attached video for the step by step process for PC).


Your image is the first frame, so you cannot make large changes such as a dog going from sitting to running around

Describe the image you attached (subject and background) **and **the specific movement you want

Example: If you attach an image of a dog sitting on grass,

/animate prompt: A dog, his fur and ears are moving in the wind, sitting on grass

Avoid: “Animate this image” “Natural Movement” “Make it move” because generic statements like this often will not work.

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