What is Pika Labs?

Pika Labs offers a complimentary AI-powered tool that allows individuals to create animated videos using text or pictures.

Is Pika Labs a paid service?

No, Pika Labs provides its services for free.

What can users do with Pika Labs?

Users can generate animated videos by inputting text or uploading images through Pika Labs.

How to start using Pika Labs?

Join official Pika Labs Discord server and follow the instructions.

What formats can be used to upload images to Pika Labs?

Users can upload images in commonly used formats such as JPG, PNG, and GIF.

How long does it take to generate an animated video on Pika Labs?

The duration to produce an animated video varies based on the complexity and length of the content, but generally, it’s quick and efficient.

Is there a limit to how many animated videos I can create with Pika Labs?

There’s no strict limit on the number of videos; however, due to server capacity, there might be restrictions during peak times. Always refer to the platform’s guidelines for specific details.