Unable to use create on Pika Labs

Unable to use /create on Pika Labs [Explained]

If you are facing issues when using /create command, there could be several reasons.


Error: When typing /create no commands appear in Pika Chat or commands are blank and stuck loading forever or only default discord commands appear.

Here’s some steps you can attempt to resolve this issue:


Check you are only using the GENERATE channels e.g.: #generate-1, #generate-2 etc. You CANNOT generate in any other channels in Pika Server.

If you prefer to make videos privately you can Direct Message the Pikabot,


Make sure you haven’t selected to reply to a message, You can’t use commands in a reply.

  • ON PC: Press escape on the keyboard to deselect the reply, then try to type /create again.
  • ON MOBILE: Tap the small x above the chat box next to the name you’re replying to, then try to type /create again.


Closing and reopening Discord will reload the /commands and should resolve most issues with commands not working.

  • ON PC: Press Ctrl + R together, Discord will refresh and you can try again
  • ON MOBILE: Close Discord, Go to your background apps and swipe away Discord so it’s completely closed. Reopen Discord from your apps and try again.


Check if Discord needs updating.

  • ON PC: If an update is waiting, at the top right of Disord, there will be a bright green down arrow ↓, Click on this and proceed with the update
  • Make sure to close and reopen discord after the updates have finished.
  • ON MOBILE: Check Google Play store or Apple store for an update for Discord app, download them.

Make sure to close and reopen discord after the updates have finished.


If you are using the browser version of Discord in Google Chrome / Firefox etc.
Try clearing your browsing history, this is normally found in settings for the browser. Log back into discord and then attempt again.

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