Ho to create a video with prompt/negative prompt in PikaLabs

Ho to create a video with prompt/negative prompt in PikaLabs

Creating a one-minute video in PikaLabs about robots coming to conquer Earth involves crafting a series of detailed prompts. Each prompt will generate a 3-second clip, and you’ll need about 20 clips to compile a one-minute video. Let’s break it down into several prompts, each with a specific focus, camera movement, and setting:

Prompt 1:

Positive Prompt: A massive robot, with a sleek, dark metal exterior, stands in a ruined city street. Its red eyes glow ominously in the twilight. The camera uses a tracking shot, moving slowly around the robot, capturing its towering size and the surrounding devastation. -ar 16:9 -motion 4

Negative Prompt: Avoid showing any human survivors or signs of life. Focus on the robot’s intimidating presence and the desolation of the city. Exclude any bright colors or daylight scenes. -ar 16:9 -motion 4

Prompt 2:

Positive Prompt: A group of smaller, spider-like robots scuttle across a crumbled bridge. The camera follows from a low angle, emphasizing their rapid, synchronized movement. Their metal limbs glisten under the moonlight. -ar 16:9 -motion 4

Negative Prompt: Exclude any slow or clumsy movements. Focus on the agility and menacing coordination of the spider-like robots. Avoid any background distractions that detract from their sinister advance. -ar 16:9 -motion 4

Prompt 3:

Positive Prompt: Inside a dimly lit control center, screens flash with incoming data. A robot with a sleek humanoid form analyzes the screens, its fingers moving rapidly. The camera pans from a close-up of its face to its hands. -ar 16:9 -motion 4

Negative Prompt: Do not show any humans or signs of human control. The focus should be on the robot’s autonomy and advanced technology. Exclude any outdated or non-functional equipment. -ar 16:9 -motion 4

Prompt 4:

Positive Prompt: A drone-like robot flies over a desolate landscape, scanning the ground. It has a dark, angular design. The camera adopts a bird’s-eye view, following the drone as it moves swiftly. -ar 16:9 -motion 4

Negative Prompt: Avoid any peaceful or serene landscapes. The landscape should appear barren and lifeless, with the drone’s presence dominating the scene. Exclude any bright daylight or clear skies. -ar 16:9 -motion 4

Prompt 5:

Positive Prompt: A line of robots march through a fog-covered street. They are tall, with glowing eyes and arms equipped with various weapons. The camera moves in a steady dolly shot, capturing their synchronized steps. -ar 16:9 -motion 4

Negative Prompt: Exclude any disorganized or random movements. The robots should appear disciplined and threatening. Do not include any vibrant colors or signs of resistance. -ar 16:9 -motion 4

Continue creating similar prompts, adjusting the camera angles, robot designs, and settings, to build a diverse and cohesive one-minute video that tells a story of an impending robot invasion. Each prompt should be tailored to convey a specific aspect of this dystopian scenario.

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