Pika + Midjourney

Pika + Midjourney

AI video technology has made significant strides in the past year. It’s not perfect yet, but it offers intriguing possibilities. Among the growing list of AI video platforms, Pika stands out. It allows you to animate static images, bringing them to life in fascinating ways.

The Process Simplified

To use Pika Labs, start with an image prompt. This approach yields better results than text alone. Choose an image that suggests motion or can logically imply action. For this demonstration, I used Pika Labs, accessible through Discord.

Getting Started with Pika Labs

  1. Open Discord: Have your Discord account active in a web browser.
  2. Visit Pika Labs: In a new tab, open the Pika Art homepage.
  3. Join the Beta: Click the ‘Join Beta’ button on the Pika Art page.

After joining, you’ll interact with the Pika bot in Discord. It’s a straightforward process.

Creating Your AI Video

In Discord, under Pika, select a ‘generate’ thread. Type ‘/create’ followed by a simple prompt with an action verb.

Press ‘tab’, then click ‘image’ to upload your seed image. This image is the basis for your video.

The Creation Process

Once your image generated with Midjourney is uploaded, hit enter. Your video creation job is queued. It takes a couple of minutes to process. When done, you can view or regenerate your video. Remember, there are limits on how many videos you can create in a certain period.

The results can be impressive. For instance, animating a robot running showed potential, despite limitations like static backgrounds. The beta version currently allows for three-second videos, but even this brief glimpse is fascinating.

Exploring Further

You can also use text-only prompts, but that’s another story. The videos I created showed how AI can interpret and animate scenes dynamically. From dragons to rain effects, the possibilities are intriguing.

AI video platforms like Pika Labs are still in their infancy but show great promise. They offer a unique way to bring static images to life. The platform is free for now, making it a great time to experiment and learn about the evolution of AI art.

Remember, this is just the beginning. As AI video technology evolves, we can expect even more amazing capabilities and applications.

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