Parallax Movement with Pika Bot

Parallax Movement with Pika Bot

If you want to craft a prompt that will produce parallax movement, then you need to come up with a prompt that describes a layered image in terms that Pika Bot can understand. Then you can ask it to move in ways that show the layers moving at different speeds.

Parallax Movement Example

The prompt:

demonic forest made of dead trees, dark scifi cinematic landscape. timelapse landing on alien planet. planet in sky, approaching, timelapse vanishing lighting. sidescrolling side scroller. parallax layer, background, mid ground, foreground. sepia with volumetric accents. outlined layers. volumetric multilayered scene. indirect sinister tenebrous sfumato -ar 9:16 -m 4 -camera pan right

Using -camera pan xxxxx vs -camera rotate xxxxx will give you different sorts of parallax motion. Rerolling and experimenting with the -movement setting can also change the camera movement. The way Pika responds to the -motion setting isn’t always intuitive, so higher numbers may not give you more of the motion you want.

You can lock or set the -seed of a job and alter the -motion setting if you get something that’s generally good but you want to tweak it a little. If you want to lock a seed of a job you have already run, the seed number is in the filename.

You can learn more about parameters here.

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