How To Create 3D Video Using Free AI Tools

How To Create 3D Video Using Free AI Tools

In an era where the 3D animation industry is projected to exceed a staggering 500 billion dollars by 2031, the allure of creating captivating 3D videos is undeniable. However, the complexity of traditional animation engines like Unity 3D can be daunting. Fortunately, the advent of AI tools has revolutionized this space, making it accessible even to those with limited expertise. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a 3D video using free AI tools such as ChatGPT, and Pika Labs.

Step-by-step Guide How To Create 3D Video Using Free AI Tools

Step 1: Crafting a Compelling Story

Every great video starts with a story. Use AI tools like ChatGPT to generate a narrative. Ensure that the story is engaging and also suggests image ideas for creating visuals. Adapt the prompt to fit your specific requirements.

Step 2: Generating 3D Images with Leonardo AI

Once your story is ready, head over to Leonardo AI to generate 3D images that correspond to your narrative. These images will serve as the building blocks for your video. Simply use the prompts generated by ChatGPT to create these images.

Step 3: Creating a Voiceover with Creato AI

With your images in hand, move on to Kreado AI to produce the voiceover for your video. Use the story generated by ChatGPT to generate AI audio and fine-tune it to your liking. Repeat this process for all paragraphs of your story.

Step 4: Crafting the Video with Picad AI

Now, it’s time to bring your video to life. Head over to a website called Pika.Art. Join their Beta program (you might need a Discord account for this). Within the Pika AI Discord Channel, select a channel to create your video. Upload your images and type a prompt for your video. Wait for a few minutes, and your video will be generated. Download it or redo it if needed. Repeat this process for all the images until you’ve created all the videos you desire.

Step 5: Assembling and Synchronizing

Open your preferred video editor, assemble all the videos, and synchronize them with the voiceover. And there you have it—a complete story crafted with the help of AI.


The process outlined above demonstrates the power and accessibility of AI tools in the realm of 3D video creation. These tools not only simplify the process but also open up a world of creativity for individuals who may not have the time or expertise to delve into complex animation engines. So, go forth and create incredible stories for your YouTube channel or any other platform, harnessing the power of AI to bring your visions to life.

Remember, the key to a great 3D video lies in a compelling narrative, visually stunning images, a captivating voiceover, and seamless assembly. With these free AI tools at your disposal, the world of 3D animation is just a few clicks away.

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