Pika Labs Camera Movements

Pika Labs Camera Movements

Pika unveiled a Pika Labs Camera Movements feature soon after Runway showcased a comparable feature. This has stirred excitement in the AI-driven video domain.

Pika’s -camera parameter allows users several ways to adjust the camera:

  • Zoom: Through the -camera zoom in/out command, users can zoom the camera in or out.
  • Panning: The -camera pan up/down/left/right command lets users move the camera in those directions. Combinations like -camera pan up right are also possible.
  • Rotation: The -camera rotate clockwise/counterclockwise/anticlockwise commands or their shorthand versions cw/ccw/acw let users turn the camera.

Users can fine-tune camera movement with the -motion XX parameter, choosing from levels 1 to 4.

Pika Labs has also made other enhancements, such as defaulting the frame rate (-fps) to 24 FPS. However, the automatic “upvotes” channel has been removed.

It’s important to differentiate the term “anti-clockwise” used in the UK and “counterclockwise” in the US. This ensures users can create content with utmost accuracy.

Using Pika Labs Discord Bot

Creating videos on Discord with the Pika Labs Discord Bot is easy. Users can start video creation by directly talking to the bot or in specific #generate threads. Videos can be based on text prompts or images. Adding an image is as simple as clicking next to the given tag on +1 and then clicking Upload.

Parameter options include:

  • -gs xx (determines the visual quality of the result).
  • -neg “xxx” (a negative prompt to exclude certain elements).
  • -hide (hides the prompt). -ar xx:xx (gives choices for aspect ratios like 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:5).
  • -seed xxx (provides consistent output by setting a seed; seed details are in the video file name).
  • -motion xx (adjusts the motion intensity from 0 to 4).
  • -fps xx (defines the frame rate).

For users keen on animating pictures, the /animate command is available, working both with and without prompts.

To speed up video creation, the “Repeat” function can be used. Note that users can produce a maximum of 10 videos in 5 minutes. Switching locations is easy with the intersecting roads icon.

You can read full guide how to use the Bot in Pika Labs Discord Guide.

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