PikaLabs Tutorial

PikaLabs Tutorial

PikaLabs offers a free AI-driven tool that allows users to create short videos based on input images, text, or previous videos. The latest version, Pika 1.0, delivers higher quality results and introduces several new features. This article will guide you through a detailed tutorial on how to use this tool effectively and provide a deeper insight into its new functionalities.

Getting Started with PikaLabs

To access the new update of PikaLabs, visit pika.art website. If you do not already have access, you will need to sign up using Google or Discord.


Availability is offered both on Discord and the web.

Exploring the Main Page

Once you have access, you will find two main sections on the website’s homepage. In the “Explore” section, you can view sample articles created with PikaLabs.

PikaLabs Explore webpage

Here, the settings used for each article are visible, allowing you to use similar prompts or modify them according to your needs. In the “My Library” section, you’ll see the articles you have created. You can alter the layout of these articles and engage with them in various ways.

Creating and Modifying Videos

At the bottom of the page, there is a box for writing prompts. Here, you can attach your images or text for use in your article generation.

Prompts field
Prompts field

From the “Video Options” part, you can adjust the aspect ratio and frames per second for any associated video content.

aspect ratio
Video Options

The “Motion Control” section allows you to manage the movement within the article, adjusting the motion strength using the beta version’s “M” parameter.

Utilizing Advanced Parameters

In the “Parameters” section, you can add a “negative prompt,” which helps you specify what you do not want included in your article. Adding a seed number is beneficial for creating consistent generations.

Fine-Tuning Parameter in Pika

When you download an article, the seed number appears in the name, helping maintain consistency.

Editing and Enhancing Your Videos

The “Edit” button provides several options. You can:

  1. Edit your prompt and regenerate the Video.
  2. Modify specific regions of the article, adding or removing content as needed.
  3. Expand the canvas, changing the layout or aspect ratio of the Video.

For further customization, additional tools allow you to extend or upscale sections of the Video. You can also share your article or copy the link directly from the platform.

Practical Example Creation

Let’s create some practical examples:

  • Start by creating a Videos using a specific text prompt. Describe what you want the article to include or emphasize based on your needs.
  • Use a reference image to inspire the article’s content, adjusting settings and parameters as necessary to achieve the desired results.

If you are not satisfied with the initial generation, you can use the “Modify Region” option to select specific parts of the article for revision. This enables you to refine the content precisely to your preferences.



Using PikaLabs AI Video Generator effectively opens up new possibilities for creating personalized and high-quality content quickly and easily. By exploring the tool’s capabilities, such as adjusting parameters, customizing prompts, and modifying content directly, you can tailor each creation to meet specific needs or creative visions.

We encourage you to experiment with the different features, make the most of the updates, and integrate your unique ideas. Whether you’re looking to innovate or simply enhance your content creation process, PikaLabs provides a robust platform to help you achieve your goals.

Remember to engage with the community, share your creations, and provide feedback to help us improve. Thank you for choosing PikaLabs, and we look forward to seeing what you create!

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