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Pika Prompting Hints

Pika users asking the following question: “can i write a single prompt for a movie – a very long, complicated prompt or just a short one?”. Sure, but that prompt is your script that you’ll edit from, not something you tell Pika.

Hint 1

Pika only makes 3 second video clips. Think of Pika as your movie camera and the clips it makes as your shots. To create a movie with pika, first write out the script. You’ll need that for creating your shots and then you’ll need it in order to edit them together.

Once you have that overview script, break it down into scenes. once you have your scenes, break the scenes into 3 second clips. Now you know what clips you need to create. Create them, then put them together in a video editor such as DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premier. Follow your scene script to create the scenes out of the clips and then put the scenes together for the movie following your movie script. Create audio with other tools or by recording yourself or your actors and lay down sound tracks for a finished movie.

Hint 2

If you are using the 1.0 model on the Pika website, set your Consistant with Text slider to 5 and leave it there. There is almost never a reason to have it higher and it overcooks the video very easily. Be very careful when adjusting the number to anything higher than 5.

Hint 3

HINT: If you are using the 1.0 model on the website, set motion to 0 and turn off all the camera movement buttons. Render your prompt and study the result. Now re-prompt and adjust your motion settings.

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