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7 Hints How to use Pika

Hint #1

Using a LARGE image with Pika will do you no good, it’s not going to make Pika Bot give you a high resolution video. However using an image that is sharp and clear to start with, WILL help.

Hint #2

PikaLabs Bot is not Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, or any other AI image generator – Pika is Pika! Don’t try to use your AI image generation prompts with it, instead learn how it thinks and what it knows by learning it’s language. Start simple – give it a single word as a prompt and see what sort of video it makes. make note of what works, and what doesn’t – what gives you good results, and what doesn’t.

Hint #3

Before you start generating, write out a script. Then write out a scene script from your script. then write out a shot script from your scene script. each 3 second clip pika makes can be thought of as a shot. there are 60 seconds in a minute. 60/3=20 so you need 20 clips to make 1 minute worth of video. if you want a 10 minute video, how many clips is that? how about a 30 minute movie?

Hint #4

if you will render images of your characters in something like DAZstudio or Blender, and then animate those in Pika Labs, your charcters will always be consistant – they don’t have any choice.

Hint #5

If you give Pika an image of a person standing right on top of the camera, and imagine they are going to somehow be a long way off and walking toward you – that isn’t going to happen. If that’s what you want, give Pika an image with the person in the distance to start with.

Hint #6

If you’re going to plan on extending your clip with the final frame technique, set FPS to 8. This will give you the clearest frames all the way through. once you have finished the entired extended clip, you can use your video editor to adjust how fast or slow it is

Hint #7

Don’t tell Pika your concept for your video. it doesn’t understand what that is. When you start saying things like concept or discussing a theme, what you are really doing is talking about the script you, yourself, are going to need to write out for yourself, in order to edit the 3 second clips pika makes together in order to create the much longer video you are thinking about

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