We continue posting helpful tips on how to use Pika Bot.

Helpful Tips – Pika Bot

We continue posting helpful tips on how to use Pika Discord Bot.

How to use -motion parameter

The -motion parameter is a volume knob – it tells the Pika Bot how drastic the changes should be between frames. It won’t tell it to animate something it’s not going to animate to begin with. What works well is very specific prompted direction for what to give motion to, combined with -gs to tell it how close to follow your prompt (not too high on the number, it’ll get wierd) and -motion to tell it how great the changes to each frame should be.

Prompt structure

Put you action verbs up front. Try “rapidly running down the street a beautiful woman jogging through her neighborhood”. Add words to speed up the motion (rapidly here).

Use -ing ending verbs. (Running and jogging here). Try to use ideas/words that naturally mean motion. Cars are usually in motion and as such getting cars to move around is easy. If you are using a still to start things off, try using an image that has captured something mid motion.

Having motion blur in the image helps Pika Bot realize that something should be moving. Try using ways to move the camera like drone footage or aerial shot or crane shot or tracking shot or gopro footage. Not only is -gs a control of how close Pika Bot will follow your prompt but it’s also a coherence slider. Lower values have higher coherence.

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