Pika Labs Daily Theme

Pika Labs Daily Theme

PIKA pals! Today the Pika Labs Daily Theme is..

When Food Attacks: Make a trailer or video showcasing killer food

Friendly reminder of the participating rules:

  1. Each pal can submit a Pika-generated video or short in the entry page, with the link to the original prompt(s) to the #daily-entry Discord channel.
  2. React with A STAR to vote 🌟 we will count ONLY by the number of stars.
  3. Read the instructions here to understand the rules better: #daily-theme.
  4. Winners and their works of the daily theme challenge will be showcased on Pika Labs Official Twitter account and other Pika work, so we encourage everyone to join!
  5. Last, if you win the daily theme, the following six days, you still may enter and play, but your vote(s) will not be counted. We are wanting to have more inclusion with winners, allowing for 7 individual winners each week. You may only win up to 4x times in a 1 month cycle.

Also, remember to take the survey and select the “daily theme” in the Channels & Roles tab if you want to participate and be notified of these themed events!

Happy Creating! 🎉 What powers do these shoes have? How do they make you better?

Read how to apply Pika Labs Camera Movements in your videos. Also you may be interested in Pika Labs Discord Guide.