Encrypting Text in Different Languages in PikaLabs

Encrypting Text in Different Languages in PikaLabs

In this article we will explain How to Use PikaLabs to Encrypt Text in Different Languages into Videos.

Have you ever wondered how to embed text from various languages into videos using PikaLabs? Well, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the process.

The Challenge with Direct Encryption

PikaLabs primarily operates in English. This means that directly embedding text from other languages into videos can be a challenge. But, as with many challenges, thinking outside the box can provide a solution.

A Creative Solution

Imagine you couldn’t write on glass with a pen. What would you do? Most likely, you’d write your message on a piece of paper and then stick that paper to the glass, making your message visible. This analogy can be applied to our current challenge.

Given that PikaLabs’s Encrypt Image feature can embed any shape or pattern into a video, we can take a detour. Instead of directly embedding the text, we can first create an image of the text in the desired language. Then, we can use the “Encrypt Image” feature to achieve our goal.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Choose a Drawing Tool: You can use any drawing tool you’re comfortable with. While many might opt for Photoshop, the video demonstrates using the built-in drawing tool on the Windows system. This is a great option as it doesn’t require any downloads and is readily available to all Windows users.
  2. Create Your Image:
  • Open a new canvas.
  • Change the background to black.
  • Choose your desired font and type in the text you wish to embed.
  • Save the image. Tip: Want more font styles? You can search for and download various font files on Google. Installing them on your computer allows you to experiment with different styles, adding a unique touch to your image.
  1. Use PikaLabs for Encryption:
  • Open the Pika chat window.
  • Input “encrypt_image”.
  • Upload the image you prepared earlier.
  • Enter your prompt. In the video, a reference image was uploaded for this step.
  • After a brief wait, you’ll receive your video with the embedded text in your chosen language.


With a bit of creativity and the powerful tools provided by Pika Discord Bot, embedding text from different languages into videos becomes a breeze.

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