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10 Tips to use Pika Labs

In this article we will provide you 10 Tips to use Pika Labs Bot. Use them to create stunning text-to-video Arts. Also you can read the How to make Video on Pika Labs guide.

Tip-1: Animating walking person

If you are trying to animate image of someone that’s walking, the AI will tend to make them walk in place. But if you add -camera zoom in or -camera zoom out to the end of your prompt, it will look much more like they are walked down the road, across the floor, or wherever you have them walking.

Tip-2: Animating Final Frame

Animating the final frame of a Pika Labs clip can give you problems because of the logo. Pika Bot will put a new logo on the clip when you animate the frame, but if you leave the logo on the frame you are animating it will also show up and you’ll have strange logo artifacts on your video. Consider removing the logo from the frame before you animate it so that the one that shows on your video is the one pika will put there during the animation process rather than the one on the frame.

Tip-3: Combining clips

Pika Bot can’t make you a full movie, you’ll have to edit clips together. This requires you to know some video editing technics, and have a video editor such as OpenShot. You can find a lot of good tutorials on youtube. Search YouTube for “video editing for beginners”.

Tip-4: Animating speaking people

If you are going to animate images of people and you want them to talk or scream, make sure they have their mouth’s closed. It’s much eaiser for Pika Bot to animate someone speaking, yelling, chewing food, or screaming if it starts with an image of someone with a closed mouth, rather than starting with an image of someone with a mouth that is open.

Tip-5: Building Prompts corectly

Don’t state something in your prompt that you don’t want in the scene. example: if your prompt is “it is night, the sun has set” the AI is likely to see the word sun, ignore the word night and put a sun, sunshine, or sunstreaks through the trees in your video.

Be extremely specific. Don’t expect the AI to know what you’re talking about if you aren’t. Example: if you just tell the AI “a group of kids are skating across a frozen pond” it is just as likely to put them on skateboards and inline skates as it is to put them on ice-skates, and possibly more likely. If you want them on ice-skates say: a group of kids are ice skating across a frozen pond, their ice skates gleaming in the light.

Tip-6: Make experiments

Some types of motion are easier for the AI than others. Take an hour or two, and just experiment with text to video. leave the images out. see how the AI reacts to prompts such as “hair blowing in the wind” “a man walking” “a wheel rolling down the street”. Stick to short prompts with JUST a subject and the description of an action for that subject to take. Make note of the ones that seem easier for the AI to understand, and then find images that go with those prompts and try animating those images.

Tip-7: Animating images

If animating an image, pretend you are talking to a human artist and telling him or her want you want to be animated. Don’t describe the image, they can see it. Instead say things like “the hair blows in the wind” or “the bike falls against the tree” or “the girl turns pages in the book she is reading.” and make very sure that what you are describing for animation is something that can be done in 3 seconds.

If the girl doesn’t have a book, for example, the Pika Labs AI isn’t likely to give her one. And if an angel is sitting at a desk writing in your image, and your prompt is “make the angel fly” or “the angel is flying” the AI can’t do that – the angel is sitting. It’s wings could flap, it could lean forward, it’s not going to suddenly be in the air flying.

Tip-8: Use POVs

Try adding these point of view vantage points into your prompt:

  • Low Level,
  • Mid Level,
  • High Level,
  • Low Angle,
  • High Angle,
  • Canted Angle,
  • Bird’s Eye View,
  • Worm’s Eye View,
  • Over the Shoulder Point of View.

Tip-9: Be specific

Tell Pika Labs Bot exactly what motion you want to see. don’t tell it something like “make animation” or “make video” – it won’t know what to do. Don’t tell it “use your imagination and move this image” – the AI doesn’t have an imagination and is likely to just ignore you. Look at your image, think about what the most likely way it could be animated in 3 seconds is, and specifically tell the AI to do that. Don’t describe your image, it can see the image, describe the animation you want.

Tip-10: Generating clips with single person

If you are prompting a clip with a single person in it, in order to keep pika from making more than one person as much as possible, use “is alone” in your prompt. And use one, not a. Example: one man is walking into the kitchen in the morning. He is alone. He is sleepy. It is early.

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