PikaLabs Weekly Newsletter - Feb 17 2024

Weekly Newsletter – Feb 17, 2024

This was probably one of the most exciting weeks for AI video so far – we’re grateful to see how the space evolves – be prepared for some more announcements following in the next 2 weeks.

🚀 Product

Pika Boo — Generate your perfect Valentine’s match 💗

We loved seeing all your cute Pika Boos and hope y’all had a great Valentine’s day.

As mentioned in this week’s Pika Community Call, we’ll be releasing two new features in the next weeks – you’ll be the first to know, of course!

🌍 Community

We have finalized round #1 of our #weekly-chalendge. Thanks so much for all your submissions. We will announce the winner tomorrow

The theme for next week is: A video essay about the future. You have time until Feb 23, 11:59pm PST.

Be creative and experimental – use as many tools and techniques as you like. Maybe you also want to integrate some non-AI footage? We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Jessie is currently hosting round #2 of our prompt battle series. Your submissions last week were amazing so this will probably become a weekly format from now on. We’re still experimenting with the times. If you have any preferences regarding time and day, let us know. We want to make this as accessible as possible!

Next Friday, we’ll have Martin Haerlin join us for a masterclass on AI filmmaking. You don’t wanna miss that one!

🎨 Content

Geoffrey used Pika and Suno AI for one of the cutest Valentine’s videos the world has ever seen… we love it!

One of our researchers Yilun Du published a paper about Compositional Generative Modeling.
More here

That’s it for this week!
Let us know in #feedback Discord channel if you have any thoughts, ideas, or wishes.

The Pika Team.

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