Pika Labs Review

Pika Labs Review

Pika Labs is a new AI generator that creates high-quality outputs. To use it effectively, you need to know the correct prompts. This guide will help you get started with Pika Labs and craft the perfect prompt.

First, visit Pika Labs’ website and join the beta at https://pika.art. Pika Labs operates within Discord, so a Discord account is necessary. Once joined, you’ll find introductions on how to begin.

In the Pika Labs Discord, you can see creations and prompts in the generate channels. You can also message the Pika chatbot directly for a better experience. You can create prompts in both areas.

Generating Videos with Pika Labs

To generate with Pika Labs, go to the message box, press slash, and choose ‘create’ or ‘animate’. Enter your text prompt, for example, “create digital artwork of children dancing with joy in the rain”, and press enter.

Pika Labs is currently in beta and free. Eventually, they may introduce a pricing model. The outputs are 3 seconds long by default. You can improve them by pressing icons to get different versions or altering your prompt.

For different sizes, use the “-AR” command with desired dimensions, like 1×1 for square or 9×16 for vertical.

If you’re not satisfied with the result, you can alter your prompt to add motion or different elements.

A good strategy is to generate images elsewhere, like with Dall-E 3 on Bing or MidJourney v6, and then animate them in Pika Labs. This approach often yields better results.

When crafting prompts, there are five key parts:

  • subject,
  • scene,
  • shot description,
  • style,
  • and aspect ratio.

Start with your subject, describe the environment, the shot size (like a wide shot or closeup), your desired style (like ‘cinematic’), and the aspect ratio.

Subtle movements work best for early versions of this technology. Fast movements may not be as effective. For camera movements, keep them limited for better results.

Remember, when using Pika Labs, starting with high-quality images is key. If you begin with detailed and well-composed images from sources like Dall-E 3 or MidJourney, your final animations will be much more impressive.

Animating Images with Pika Labs

In Pika Labs, when you animate images, pay attention to the details in your prompt. Mentioning specific actions like “person walks forward” can lead to more accurate animations. Camera movements should be simple for now, as complex motions might not yield the desired results.

If you encounter any issues with your animations, Pika Labs offers options to modify your prompts. This flexibility allows you to fine-tune the movements and camera actions. For instance, if the facial expressions aren’t quite right, you can adjust your prompt to request subtle facial movements.

As of now, the animations created by Pika Labs are limited to 3 seconds in the beta version. However, you can extend their duration using video editing software.

In addition to Pika Labs, it’s worth exploring Runway AI Video Generator. Runway is another platform that specializes in turning text or images into videos. Although it’s a paid service, it offers advanced features and is continually improving.

For those interested in learning more about Runway, there are comprehensive tutorials available, which can be very helpful in understanding its capabilities.


In conclusion, Pika Labs is a versatile tool for creating animated content from prompts. Its integration with Discord makes it accessible and user-friendly. By following these guidelines and experimenting with your prompts, you can create engaging and dynamic animations. Remember to explore other tools like Dall-E 3, MidJourney, and Runway to enhance your creations further. Thanks for your interest in Pika Labs, and happy animating!

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