• Exploring LERFs

    Exploring LERFs

    LERF enhances a detailed, multi-layered 3D language field through volume rendering of CLIP embeddings along training rays. This process is guided by multi-scale CLIP features derived from various training images. Once optimized, LERF is capable of generating 3D relevance maps for language queries in an interactive, real-time manner. It facilitates pixel-precise language queries within the…

  • Types of AI Models

    Types of AI Models

    Artificial intelligence has advanced tremendously in recent years, with models capable of generating convincing text, images, videos, and more. AI models can broadly be categorized into text models and image models, with each type suited for different tasks. Text Models Text models are trained on large volumes of text data to understand and generate human-like…

  • NeRF vs Photogrammetry

    NeRF vs Photogrammetry

    We’ve been exploring the dynamic world of 3D scanning and modeling and wanted to share some insights on two prominent technologies: NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields) and Photogrammetry. NeRF represents a revolutionary approach in 3D technology. It utilizes deep learning to transform 2D images into highly realistic 3D models. This method is a significant departure from…