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  • Pika Labs -neg Parameter

    Pika Labs -neg Parameter

    Don’t hesitate to experiment with the Pika Labs -neg Parameter. Restricting the options of the AI when it tries to use your prompt to build a video is the entire point of the exercise. Blocking off sections of latent space by using negative prompts is a perfectly valid technique. The reality is that the vast…

  • Camera Parameters

    Camera Parameters

    Control the camera movement in your video clips generated by Pika Labs Discord Bot to enhance your storytelling. This guide will walk you through the -camera parameters, showcasing how to effectively implement it. You can find the complete guide how to generate high quality videos here: How to make Video on Pika Labs [Guide]. Prompt…

  • Pika Labs Optional Parameters

    Pika Labs Optional Parameters

    In this article we going to list all optional parameters Pika Labs currently support. The list may be extended in future. To use the commands join Pika Bot discord channel. PROMPT STRUCTURE IMPORTANT: Parameters MUST be added after the prompt words.Use a space to separate them from your prompt words and each otherExample: You can…