Pika Bot Error

Pika Bot Error: “Your message couldn’t be delivered”

If you receive the following Pika Bot Error:

“Your message could not be delivered this is usually because you don’t share a server with the recipient or the recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends”,

you need to allow Direct Messages for the Pika server to give the Pika Discord Bot permission to DM with you.


  1. Right click on the Pika server icon,
  2. Click on Privacy Settings,
  3. Turn on “Direct messages” and (optional) “Message Requests”.


  1. Long tap on Pika server icon,
  2. Tap More Options,
  3. Scroll down,
  4. Turn on “Allow direct messages” and (optional) “Allow Message Requests”.

Note: Turning on “Allow direct messages” allows the Pika bot and anyone on the Pika server to message you, we recommend you also turn on “Allow Message Requests” – this will filter messages from Pika Labs members that are not in your friends list and helps prevent unwanted messages and spam.

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