Top 10 Free AI Animation Tools

Top 10 Free AI Animation Tools

There are some really easy ways to make your MidJourney images more interesting for social media, AI films, or just for fun. You can make them more immersive, animate them, make them talk, or create 3D worlds. All of this can be done completely for free. Each technique takes less than two minutes. Some take just a few seconds. You can use not only MidJourney images but any image generator or even a real photo.

Top 10 AI Animation Tools

First up is LeiaPix. Go to, click upload, and you have an immersive depth animation. Sliders let you change the animation cycle length and style. There’s also an advanced editor for more customization. Then just click share and select your export format. These animations look mesmerizing.

CapCut is another quick one. It’s not strictly an AI tool but it deserves a mention. Download the app, start a new project, and upload your photos. Select one, tap style, then choose 3D Zoom or 3D Zoom Pro. This technique has been popular for a while and looks awesome on the right images.


Pika Labs is amazing. Since my last deep dive, they’ve fully opened it to the public for free. Once you’re in the Discord, use the create command in the generate channels. Describe the movement you want and upload your image. Pika also does text-to-video, where you describe what you want without a reference image.

Pika Labs:

InstaVerse from IlluMIne AI lets you turn an image into a 3D environment. Upload your image, then add a depth map for best results. You can get a depth map from LeiaPix. InstaVerse allows you to explore the 3D environment created from a 2D image.


Animated Drawings, research from Meta, is fun and easy. It’s designed to animate children’s drawings, but you can upload any character. Ensure each limb is separate and visible. Use to edit the background to white before uploading.

Animated Drawings:

GenMo adds cool animations quickly. The new chat feature allows more interaction. Describe what you want in the animation for more tailored results. Your fuel balance resets daily, but there is a turbo plan for more.


D-ID, HeyGen, and SadTalker are tools for creating speaking avatars. D-ID and HeyGen are freemium, while SadTalker is free but more complex. They’re used for meme videos and faceless YouTube channels. Upload an image of a face, add a script or audio, and generate your speaking avatar.

Kaiber has broad capabilities for animating images. It offers a seven-day free trial, then $5 per month. You can add effects over videos or animate images directly. Experimenting can yield interesting animations.


RunwayML added an image prompting feature for image-to-video transformations. It’s part of a suite of video and photo tools. While results can vary, when successful, they offer high-quality animations. However, the costs can add up due to limited generations.


These ten free AI animation tools offer various ways to enhance your images. Whether you’re looking to animate drawings, create speaking avatars, or turn images into immersive 3D environments, there’s something for everyone. Explore these tools to make your content stand out.

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