Sound Effects on Pika

Sound Effects on Pika

Now you can seamlessly generate and integrate sound into your Pika videos. Either prompt the sound you want, or let Pika Bot automatically generate it based on the content of your video.

Super Collaborators and Pro users can use the new feature at right away. We’ll do some further testing and improvements before rolling out the feature to all of you very soon! We’d love to hear your feedback and can’t wait to see what you’ll create! PS: We have a dedicated Sound Effects Thread in #⁠feedback channel – please share any questions and thoughts there.

Lip Sync is now open to everyone

Great news – Lip Sync is now available to all users on Pika 1.0.

How does it work?

Upload or generate a video and add Lip Sync. You can either use your own audio file or leverage ElevenLabs’ TTS API for AI voices.

Cool…and how much does it cost?

We wanted to make Lip Sync as accessible as possible. All paid users (standard and above) can use Lip Sync for free without any limitations.All free users will be charged 2 credits per Lip Sync generation. To make sure you have enough credits to experiment, we increased the number of initial credits to 250 per month – you’re welcome.

You can generate audio to your videos using Udio AI Music Generator.

By Pika.Art Team.

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