Pika Labs Subscription Plans

Pika Labs Subscription Plans

Pika Team thanks all users for overwhelming support during the beta. Your requests for subscriptions have been heard!
Whether it’s for enhanced video quality, watermark removal, or simply to show some love to the devs, the Team sincerely appreciate it!

Dev Team are actively working on the Pika Labs subscription plans.

For today they don’t have an exact timeline for when the paid options to remove those watermarks will become available, don’t worry! We’ll keep you updated in the Discord channel. Make sure you’re following it so you won’t miss any updates.

If you simply want to remove the watermark, attend Super collaborator program.

Pika Labs Super Collaborator Program

Currently, there are two ways to generate without a watermark:

  1. Apply to our Super Collaborator Program!
    By becoming a part of this, you’ll enjoy watermark-free creations, early access to some super cool unreleased features, and a bunch of exciting surprises. Please send me Jessie from Pika Labs on Discord the links to your social media profiles, your proudest pika work (even a draft video counts), or any materials that you believe helpful to apply. They’ll go through your application in just a few days.

They’ll take care of your applications ASAP but if you haven’t heard back from us 4 days after you sent the message, please let our super mod know and see what happened (sometimes it ends up in spam).

  1. Got a project with a major social presence or some epic artistic value?
    You can also request **temporary **non-watermark access by reaching out to Cristalwizard on Discord. Just send a project intro/ video draft and the necessary links to the organizations associated with it. This will help the team to understand the project’s scale and potential.

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