Pika Labs Founders

Pika Labs Founders

Despite the limited media coverage, Pika Labs has been buzzing in venture capital circles, embarking on its third fundraising venture within a mere five-month span. The innovative startup Pika Labs, initially christened “Mellis Labs” owes its inception to the brilliant minds of Demi Guo and Chenlin Meng. Both Pika Labs Founders are Stanford University artificial intelligence PhD candidates with a shared vision of revolutionizing the tech world.

Demi Guo

Demi Guo, with a rich educational background from esteemed institutions, embarked on her academic journey at Harvard University. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, during which she actively participated in a plethora of activities and societies. Notably, she was the Co-President of the Women Engineers Code Conference (WECode) and a founding member of the Four94 Women Entrepreneurship Conference. Guo’s commitment to tech innovation was further illustrated as she took on roles such as Tech & Innovation Chair at the Harvard China Forum and Director at the Harvard MIT Math Tournament. Her passion for tech led her to co-found Hacklodge and become a scholar in the first batch of the Neo Fellowship.

After her successful undergraduate journey, Guo continued at Harvard to earn a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Subsequently, she transitioned to Stanford University to pursue a PhD in Computer Science, co-advised by renowned Professors Ron Fedkiw and Chris Manning.

Her internship at Bing Microsoft was a testament to her unparalleled skills and potential. Amidst seasoned PhD interns, Guo stood out, impressively enhancing the query parser for local search using deep learning. Her systematic approach, combined with her ability to work independently and collaborate effectively, left an indelible mark on her supervisors. They were not only impressed by her engineering and research capabilities but were also confident about her promising future in the realm of AI.

Chenlin Meng

Chenlin Meng, another prodigious talent from Stanford University’s StanfordAILab, has a deep-seated interest in Generative AI and diffusion models. Prior to joining Pika Labs, Meng gained valuable experience as an intern at GoogleAI.

Meng’s academic prowess is evident from her exhaustive list of courses spanning Mathematics and Computer Science. She has dived deep into subjects like Differential Topology, Galois Theory, Computer Graphics, Deep Learning, and many more. Her commitment to academia has been recognized with honors such as the Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship and the Cadence Women in Technology Scholarship. In 2018, she clinched the Grand Prize at the Stanford CS348B Rendering Competition.

Beyond her academic and professional achievements, Meng is a true connoisseur of arts and 3D animation. Her love for music, especially movie soundtracks, resonates deeply with her artistic inclinations. Advised by Prof. Stefano Ermon at Stanford, she is keen on exploring the myriad applications of generative AI.


The coalescence of Guo’s methodical genius and Meng’s artistic tech prowess makes the Pika Labs Founders a force to be reckoned with. Their shared vision and complementary skills are the driving force behind Pika Labs’ innovative endeavors. As the company continues to make strides in the tech world, one thing is clear: the future of Pika Labs, under the leadership of these two dynamic women, is luminous.

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